Best 6 Diamine Inks of 2024 – Review

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Discover the Best 6 Diamine Inks of 2024 with our comprehensive review. Find the perfect ink for your writing needs today! In the world of fountain pens, ink is not the same as regular ink. It means coming up with creative ideas, expressing yourself, and sharing your thoughts in order to make your writing special.

Diamine has been a well-known and reliable brand of high-quality fountain pen inks for a long time, starting in 1864. Diamine has been making great ink for over 100 years. This ink is loved by people who use pens for everyday tasks or drawing. In this article, we will discuss the top 6 Diamine inks in 2024. I will demonstrate why they are unique and why you should have them in your collection.

Similar Qualities Of These Best 6 Diamine Inks

  1. Quickly Drying: These inks dry fast so that your writing won’t smudge.
  2. Easy to use: They provide an easy and consistent way of writing, which makes your writing experience enjoyable.
  3. Water-Based and Non-Toxic: These inks are made with water and are safe to use. They can be used with different fountain pen brands.
  4. pH Neutral: These things are pH-neutral, which means they won’t damage or ruin your fountain pen as time passes.

Although Best 6 Diamine Inks have many benefits, it’s important to mention that they are not resistant to water. If you think you might get them wet, you should think about using something else.

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Ink 1: Best Diamine Fountain Pen Ink, 80 ml Bottle, Oxblood

Ink 1: Diamine Fountain Pen Ink

Diamine Fountain Pen Ink, 80 ml Bottle, Oxblood

80 ml Bottle, Oxblood

Product Overview:

The Diamine Fountain Pen Ink in Oxblood is a captivating choice for fountain pen enthusiasts. This 80ml glass bottle ink, made from natural dyes, offers a deep and dark red color reminiscent of dried or fresh blood, perfect for adding a touch of vampy or Halloween vibes to your writing or artistic projects. It is compatible with various fountain pen brands, flows smoothly, and dries quickly. While it performs well on most paper types, it may bleed through lower-quality paper.

Ink 1: Diamine Fountain Pen Ink Pros And Cons


  • Rich and unique oxblood color
  • Smooth and consistent ink flow
  • Fast drying and suitable for calligraphy
  • A large 80ml bottle offers great value
  • Versatile and compatible with various fountain pens


  • Not water-resistant
  • May require careful drying to prevent streaks
  • Can bleed through lower-quality paper

Top Reviews from the United States:

  • Tiffany Lee (United States): Tiffany praises the ink’s dark red hue, comparing it to dried or fresh blood. She finds it smooth to write with, especially when using a Pilot Metropolitan fountain pen, but notes that it’s not water-resistant.
  • Sharon Powellboo (United States): Sharon appreciates the soothing color and high quality of the Oxblood fountain pen ink.
  • Jack (United States): Jack, a student, hails this ink as amazing and versatile. It’s ideal for assignments and papers, with minimal bleed-through on regular notebook paper. The unique oxblood color is both beautiful and functional.
  • Luke G (United States): Luke describes the ink as exceptionally unique, resembling dried blood. He recommends using it with a fine nib for the best results.
  • Brennan Dennis Bailey (United States): Brennan keeps it short and sweet, stating that the ink is a great color and recommends it.
  • J. W. (United States): J. W. finds Diamine’s Oxblood to be a great dark red ink that’s quick-drying, with minimal feathering and bleed-through. It’s perfect for a sinister touch to your writing.
  • Bronson Ives (United States): Bronson praises the ink’s stellar appearance on both white and yellow paper.
  • Robert Holt (United States): Robert, who wanted to try this ink for years, is impressed by its unique color and performance on various types of paper.
Ink 1: Diamine Fountain Pen Ink Summary

If you’re seeking fountain pen ink with a rich, dark red color that adds character to your writing or artwork, Diamine Fountain Pen Ink in Oxblood is an excellent choice. Its smooth flow and quick drying time make it a practical option for various projects. While it may not be water-resistant and can bleed through lower-quality paper, its uniqueness and value make it a must-try for fountain pen enthusiasts. Grab your bottle of Oxblood ink on Amazon and add a touch of vampy elegance to your penmanship: Amazon Link.

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Ink 2: Diamine Fountain Pen Ink, Aurora Borealis, 30 mL

Ink 2: Diamine Fountain Pen Ink

Diamine Fountain Pen Ink, Aurora Borealis, 30 mL

Aurora Borealis, 30 mL

Product Overview:

The Diamine Fountain Pen Ink in Aurora Borealis offers a stunning option for fountain pen enthusiasts. This 30ml plastic bottle ink boasts fast drying, smooth-flowing, water-based, non-toxic, and pH-neutral properties. Made from natural dyes, it’s suitable for all brands of fountain pens and is an ideal choice for those starting with calligraphy.

Ink 2: Best Diamine Fountain Pen Ink Pros And Cons


  • Beautiful green-turquoise color
  • Water-soluble for creative effects
  • Suitable for various fountain pens
  • Smooth flow and rich color


  • Bottle design may make filling pens challenging
  • Some users experienced color variation issues

Top Reviews from the United States:

  • Mera (United States): Mera loves the ink’s color but warns that the bottle is prone to tipping over due to its lightweight construction.
  • Nicole (United States): Nicole finds the ink beautiful and mentions its color variation, which aligns with the name “Aurora Borealis.” She highly recommends it for fountain pens.
  • Therese P. Dignard (United States): Therese appreciates Best 6 Diamine Inks but mentions feathering on some papers and the small bottle openings as potential inconveniences.
  • Steven Stauffer (United States): Steven Stauffer is disappointed as the ink didn’t match the advertised photos, appearing as plain teal ink without color variation.
  • Stacey A. Bell (United States): Stacey adores the gorgeous, vibrant, and deep color of the ink. However, she wishes for a different bottle design for easier pen filling.
  • Amazon Customer (United States): Amazon Customer’s experience is mixed; the ink flows well but appears almost black when writing, disappointing the teal expectation.
  • Nancy (United States): Nancy appreciates the ink’s cool gradient effect but warns against diluting it with water as it becomes grainy and bleeds.
  • Lyndee Davis (United States): Lyndee loves the vibrant and rich color of the ink. She notes a slightly slower drying time and mild bleeding when wet.
Ink 2: Diamine Fountain Pen Ink Summary

Diamine Fountain Pen Ink in Aurora Borealis offers a captivating green-turquoise hue, perfect for fountain pen enthusiasts seeking a unique and vibrant color. While some users have mentioned concerns about the bottle design and color consistency, the ink’s water-soluble nature allows for creative effects. If you’re looking to add a touch of the northern lights to your writing or artistic endeavors, consider trying this ink. Purchase it on Amazon and infuse your penmanship with a touch of Aurora Borealis.

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